What is Engine Remanufacture?

Definition: Recondition
“to restore to working order!”
A Reconditioned engine is one that has been repaired to make it functional  again                                                                                                                                federation-1


A Re-manufactured Engine is one that is re-machined to the manufacturers Original Engines Specifications and having all of the consumable components renewed! 
This can be further explained by simply viewing the BS AU257 standard on the British Standards site. 
The 12 month guarantee applicable demonstrating the confidence of work.  It is the only standard that the AA and RAC, The RHA, MoD, Dept. of Transport  approve!

Engines go wrong for many reasons; But usually its because of a previous  problem with one of  the 3 liquids !

Oil, Water or Fuel. 

The lack of the first two:- OIL & WATER  will give you sudden, extreme  and expensive failures,

whilst any irregularities in fueling can give you, excess smoke, poor performance and it will cause premature  wear &  eventual failure!