Remanufacturer power boat marine engine

Remanufacturer power boat marine engine

We’ll collect your engine FOC in the U.K.

Marine engine are manufactured to be cooled by Raw Sea or Fresh Water.

Heat exchangers should always be a part of any Remanufacturing procedure.

Fuelling specifications are specific too; many with additional equipment  and many ancilliaries being added, which give the vessel the benefit of many homelike features, such as running hot water, central heating and even air conditioning! So many benefits to a boat!

Our Ideal geographical position @ J3 in the Heart of the Midlands ,has over the last twenty five years, made us The Leading Marine Engine Remanufacturer in the UK and from this central position;  we are ideally placed to collect and return engines, from and to the boat and its mooring.  We cover such a large range of engines from “Fisheries to the Leisure Industry”; with every engine in being proven off on our Dynamometer, after which it is issued with  “A Certificate of Proof of Performance”!

                     REMAN MARINE FINISHED UNIT


 The Marine and Oil Industries are always seeking independant ways of powering plant, everything from generators to hydraulic packs; the diesel engine has proved to be the best possible source having no High Voltage electrical items which have less fire risk implications; of course these systems have to be approved and certified by Lloyds Registry etc!